Signing a Contract

General Terms and Conditions

Commitment I Pristine I Professional

By paying the confirmation deposit and confirming Alexi The DJ for your event,

You automatically agree to and accept the below Terms and Conditions, whether submitted or not.

  • Your event date will only be confirmed once we receive your signed agreement form and you'r deposit.

  • A non refundable date confirmation deposit of 50% confirms you'r booking, keep in mind that all of our bookings are secured on a first pay, first served basis.

  • We unfortunately cannot "hold" dates for any reason, the deposit confirms you'r booking.

  • Balance payments must be paid in full on the Monday, the week of your event, no late payments shall be accepted.

  • Once the date confirmation deposit has been paid, it cannot be transferred to secure another date, if the event is cancelled for whatever reason then all monies paid will be forfeited.

  • Should your event be cancelled within 90 days of your event date, then full payment for your event will be required, please keep in mind that we have cancelled other events for your date.

  • We ask that as one of your preferred suppliers we are fed and that our meals are the same as those of your guests, lasagne or burgers will NOT be accepted.

  • A separate table can be prepared for dinner, separate from guests and with other suppliers is acceptable. 

  • Unless arranged otherwise, dinner will be for two, Alexi The DJ and one of his engineers. 

  • Should the event not have an open bar then we request a R 500.00 bar tab open from the moment we arrive at the venue, please make sure that your event coordinator and the venue are fully aware of this.

  • Note: As we are working on the event this will be for waters and cold drinks, however we do have an alcoholic beverage during dinner.

  • We generally tend to arrive 2 - 3 hours prior to event start time for setup, pack up takes us roughly 1 hour at the end of the event, therefore,

  • Our packages are for an allocated amount of time, should we exceed those hours, any further hours will be charged at a      R 1,000.00 per hour over time rate, this fee includes the DJ and the sound and lighting equipment.

  • We cannot be held liable for any loss of time due to any form of lateness, our clock starts running from the agreed upon start time, please keep in mind that should you give us an earlier start time, our clock will start running from that time and not the actual scheduled start time on the day, therefore we suggest that you give us the correct time and that your finalised event schedule / program is sent to us prior to event day.

  • Upon our arrival at the venue, should we find that other suppliers are using our allocated DJ table or area for their own use in preparation for your event, we will not start with our setup until our area is cleared and out of use, unfortunately we cannot be held responsible should this delay your ceremony, wedding reception or event because of us not being able to setup due to those suppliers occupying our space and wasting our time.

  • We cannot be held responsible for any power failures or blackouts whatsoever during your event, it is up to your chosen venue to have generators in place as we do not bring generators with us.

  • In the event that you have sourced / arranged any gear i.e a projector, projector screens, microphones, speakers, TV's or any other equipment not mentioned from other supplier/s, it is up to them or you to make sure that they are connected and fully functional prior to event start time, should you or they require any form of technical assistance, including the borrowing of any equipment from us, i.e stands, extension cords, cabling or anything not mentioned, we will forward an invoice to the client post event and without their prior approval for R 1,500.00, for any technical services needed. 

  • Alexi The DJ owns the right to display any images or videos as promotional material on his social media platforms, unless discussed otherwise prior to event day.

  • You accept any updates/changes made to the contract and terms and conditions, after you have signed, agreed to, confirmed and/or submitted the contract form.

  • Your 5 minute cinematic wedding party trailer including key moments of your wedding reception, will be sent to you via social media with a sharable link. please be sure to tag @AlexiTheDJ and use the hashtag #AlexiTheDj when sharing.

  • We cannot be held liable for any loss of footage due to memory card failure, theft or any related circumstances out of our control.

  • Unless arranged otherwise, our sound and lighting equipment is solely for our use, we do not allow any videographer or any of their technical crew to connect to our sound system to record any audio whatsoever, it is up to the videographers involved to have their own equipment at the venue to record the speeches and any other audio they require, should they connect to our systems without our consent, you agree to and accept a R 550.00 invoice for payment, sent after wedding/event day.

  • All copyright is owned by Alexi The DJ, we don't supply any music to wedding vendors associated with the wedding without the written consent from South Africa's music rights organisations SAMRO and SAMPRA. Alexi The DJ is a licensed radio broadcaster who pays SAMRO and SAMPRA license fees, according to his legally binding contract, copyright infringement and the prevention of piracy, this is not permitted.

  • However, we offer an audio recording of our live DJ Set for R 550.00, Should you purchase an audio recording of our live DJ set for your event? We will forward you a Dropbox link via email and/or WhatsApp with an MP3 file ready for download, within 48 hours post event.

  • In the event that you have a musician/s playing for your event, it is up to you or the musician/s involved to communicate with Alexi The DJ as to what their scheduled program consist of, please keep in mind that in preparation for your event we have prioritised certain music throughout the evening as part of our program, we cannot be held responsible for any duplicate songs being played by Alexi The DJ and the musician/s involved, we recommend that the musician/s sit with us prior to event day to discuss what they have programmed for the event so that entertainment clashing and duplicate songs can be avoided. In continuation,

  • Unless arranged otherwise, our sound and lighting equipment is solely for our use, it is up to the musician/s involved to have their own equipment set up at the venue for their performance, should the musician/s arrive and ask to use our equipment, we will set up the necessary equipment for them and will forward all costs to the person/s involved with booking us for their event without their prior approval. We recommend that the musician/s get in touch with us prior to the event in order to discuss their sound requirements. As mentioned, should they require equipment for their musical performance, we charge    R 3,500.00 for a digital mixing console, cordless microphones and an engineer, please keep in mind that fee will depend on what is required, therefore this is subject to change.

  • We will not be held responsible should your dance floor be too small or too big for the allocated dancing area at your venue, It is up to the person making the booking to confirm the correct measurements of the dance floor that is required.

  • Dance floors can accommodate dancing, plate breaking and whiskey burning, unfortunately NO materials (i.e. shirts, sheets, table cloths etc) can be burnt on the flooring should the flooring be placed above carpet.

  • You, a family member, event coordinator or venue manager will need to sign off and approve the dance floor after installation.

  • Thereafter, we will NOT be held liable / responsible for any costs or damages caused to any venue flooring after the installation of our flooring is approved and signed off.

  • We require 1 HD image to create the thumbnail used for the Live Stream link, this can be sent via email, Dropbox or WhatsApp.

  • The Live Stream offers a slide show, however we require 20 - 40 digital Images in order for us to create the slideshow, these can be sent via Dropbox or WhatsApp.

  • Personal messages and voice notes can also be included, however we require this information the day before the ceremony.

  • The Live Stream link will be sent 2-3 days before we go live and only once we receive the ceremony details and HD image.

  • For HD quality and for server’s reliability we will always recommend streaming to YouTube.

  • There are no limitations as to the amount of persons that can view the live stream.

  • The Live Stream can be viewed on your TV, Tablet, Smart Phone, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and Viber, and can be shared across all social media platforms.

  • The Live Stream will begin 10 - 20 minutes before the scheduled start time.

  • When the Live Stream concludes it will be available permanently on YouTube for your viewing.

  • We create a public or an unlisted live stream, unlisted meaning only persons with the link can view the live stream, we recommend making it a public live stream first, that way should any relatives have lost the live stream link, they can search for the live stream on Google or YouTube as it is taking place so that they can find it easier, when the live stream concludes we can make it an unlisted video so that only those with the link can view the live stream.

  • The Live Stream offers up to a 4 camera setup, we provide all the necessary persons and equipment needed for streaming your event to social media.

  • We use a UPS as power should the venue have no electricity or should there be load shedding.

  • The interactive Zoom call is recommended for loved ones that are unable to be attend, we create the connection and they have interaction with loved ones at the wedding ceremony.

  • HD recordings of the Live Stream are available at request, and up to 48 hours after the Live Stream has concluded and only once full payment has been received.

  • We cannot be held responsible for any footage latency or interruption during the live stream due to network related issues, venue infrastructure interference, venue location, or any related circumstances out of our control. Should this be the case, we record the Live Stream, and reschedule it up to 24 hours after the scheduled start time.

  • Should you want to create your own designs, we recommend clients have the designs ready in a PDF, MPEG or JPEG format and in 1920 x 1080 scale, we will then have a Dropbox link arranged for transfer of the images or videos prior to the event.

  • Please make sure that we have received your designs 3-5 days prior to the event, We only use FAT 32 formatted USB thumb drives on our MACS and in order to avoid transfer of viruses that would damage our hardware, we download and then scan the information, and prepare the footage prior to arriving at events.

  • Please Note: Any extra design work needed by us and for the displays shall endure a R 450.00 per hour re-design flat rate fee.

  • We charge R6,50 per kilometer for venues further than 50km from our offices in Bedfordview, we request that you provide us with the name and address of your venue, and then we’ll do a round trip distance calculation from our offices.

  • Please keep in mind that for the safety of our team, we request accommodation if the venue is further than 100 kilometers from our offices, please see below should this be the case.

If your event is to be held outside of Gauteng then we request:

  • A minimum of 1 nights accommodation including breakfast from any hotel or BnB.

  • All UBER travel costs covered, should there be no UBER available? Then a vehicle shall be booked by us from AVIS.

  • Return flights for the event date/s mentioned.


Please Note:

  • AirBnB, vehicle rental, fuel and insurance costs shall be forwarded to the client making the booking.

  • Accommodation must be preferably on the premises or within 5 - 10 mins drive from the venue.

  • Shared accommodation with other suppliers is NOT acceptable.

  • Alexi The DJ makes the necessary AirBnB, flight and vehicle bookings himself.

  • He will first forward all booking details for approval prior to confirming, and will then forward an invoice to the client for payment.

  • Should you wish to make the accommodation booking yourself? This won't be a problem, but, prior to confirming the booking please forward images and accommodation location via google maps to Alexi The DJ for approval.

  • We cannot be held liable or responsible for any flight cancelations should the flight have been scheduled on the day of your event, we will however try to find a suitable alternative as quickly as possible in order for us to reach your destination and venue on time, remember that those costs will be forwarded to you, the client. Please keep in mind that we will always encourage a flight for the day before your event.

  • Should you choose package 1 "DJ Only"? Please ask your equipment provider to give Alexi The DJ a call and discuss what equipment shall be available at your event.

  • Acts of God are clearly out of Alexi The DJ's control or that of the client concerned, we will do our best to accommodate clients in rebooking their events to a new date in this regard, a new booking will however have to be made on a date that we can accommodate, If a new date cannot be confirmed due to vendors conflicts then any monies paid shall be forfeited. 

  • Booking fees are still not refunded under any circumstances but as stated we will accommodate the client to move their wedding / event to a more suitable date based on our availability for the new date/s, however,

  • We charge a R 1,000.00 administration fee for every date change and/or Date Hold, meaning, should you ask us to hold any date/s we will charge R 1,000.00 for each date you request be held.  

  • Please note that we will only move a date for a client for an issue related to a government gathering ban only, family matters or any other issue not related to a government ban will not be considered.

  • Should your event be cancelled within 90 days of your event date, then full payment for your event will be required, please keep in mind that we have cancelled other events for your date.

  • As mentioned, acts of God are clearly out of our control and once a DJ package or DJ fee has been agreed upon and accepted by the client, we will NOT allow any discounts or DJ fee changes whatsoever due to any pandemic. 

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